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Metal Trunking

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Metal Trunking or Cable Trunking

Metal Trunking or Cable Trunking is a versatile and protective enclosure used in electrical and data installations to conceal and safeguard cables, wires, and other related components. These are long rectangular fittings that keep your wires organized. It is commonly made of metal materials such as galvanized steel or stainless steel and aluminum and it comes in various sizes and configurations to accommodate and suit different cable volumes and types. Metal trunking provides an organized and secure pathway for cables while helping to prevent damage, maintain aesthetics, and facilitate easy maintenance.

These are normally square or rectangular in cross-section and have a removable lid. Trunking allows the installation of the extensions. It works like a framework for each extension. Metal trunking is an important part of cable management as it manages and keeps your wires in safe operation. 

Working of Metal Trunk:

The working of Metal Trunk involves the following aspects:

Cable Protection:

Metal trunking serves as a protective housing for cables, shielding them from external elements, physical impact, and potential interference. This is especially crucial for the protection of data and electrical wires in harsh conditions including mechanical damage, moisture, dust, and others, and for maintaining cable integrity and preventing electrical hazards.


Metal trunking is made of materials such as steel or aluminum which are conductive in nature. This inherent phenomenon of conduction helps in grounding the trunking system providing electrical continuity and reducing the risk of electrical interference or electromagnetic interference( EMI ).


Metal trunking conceals cables within its structure, promoting a neat appearance in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. This enhances the overall aesthetics of the environment.

Fire resistant

Metal trunking is built in such a way that it is often fire-resistant or fire retardant which ensures the overall safety of the electrical installations by preventing the possibility of spreading fires within the wires. 


Metal Trunking is built and designed with various accessible points such as covers and removable sections that further allow for easy maintenance, inspections, or cable additions or removals.


As metal trunking includes cables within dedicated pathways, it automatically aids in the organization and management of electrical and data wires. It prevents tangling within the wires which can further result in hazardous situations and allows for an easy identification and tracing of specific cables when needed.

Electromagnetic Interference Shielding:

Metal trunks, particularly when made from materials like steel, can provide some level of electromagnetic shielding as these are conductive. This is important for minimizing interference and ensuring the proper functioning of sensitive electronic equipment.


Metal trunk contributes to electrical safety by reducing the risk of accidental contact with live cables, which could lead to shocks or other hazards as these wires are enclosed within metal trunks. It also complies with safety regulations by enclosing and isolating cables.

Installations of Metal Trunking:

Installing Metal Trunking involves the following steps, incorporating the provided keywords:

Metal Trunk Selection:

Choose the appropriate size and type of metal trunk based on the cable volume, type of cable, and installation environment.

Metal Trunk Box:

Assemble or attach metal trunk boxes to the desired locations where cable terminations, connections, or distribution points are needed.

Metal Cable Trunking:

Securely mount the metal cable trunking along walls, ceilings, or floors using appropriate brackets, clips, or hangers.

Lighting Trunking:

In the context of lighting installations, lighting trunking can be used to house and route electrical wires and cables for lighting fixtures. Install the lighting trunking along the desired paths for efficient and organized lighting connections.

Cable Routing:

Arrange the cables within the metal trunk, ensuring they are neatly organized and secured using cable ties or clips.


Properly terminate the cables at junction boxes, outlets, switches, or other relevant points within the metal trunk system.


Design the installation to allow for easy access to the cables when maintenance or modifications are required. Consider using hinged or removable covers for accessibility.

Safety Measures:

Implement safety measures such as grounding the metal trunk system to ensure proper electrical grounding and compliance with safety standards.

Final Inspection:

Conduct a thorough inspection to verify the correct installation of the metal trunk, cable routing, and proper termination. Ensure all components are securely fastened and aligned.

Lastly, Metal Trunking or Cable Trunking is a vital component in cable management and protection. Its installation involves selecting appropriate trunking, securing it, organizing cables, and ensuring safety. It plays a crucial role in maintaining cable integrity, aesthetics, and safety in various electrical and data installations.

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