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Channel Nuts

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Channel Nut

Channel Nuts also known as strut nuts or spring nuts are securers used in conjunction with metal channels or struts to secure various components in construction, electrical, and mechanical applications. These nuts have a unique design with spring-loaded tabs that grip the inside of the channel, allowing for easy installation and adjustment without the need for tools.

Channel nut are essential in many industries where sturdy and adjustable fastening solutions are needed for structural support and installations.

Types of Channel Nut:

Plain Channel Nut:

Plain Channel nuts are available in sizes from M6 to M16. It is  completed with either bright Zinc Plating or Hot-Dipped Galvanized steel. These nuts are suitable for a wide range of applications. Simply insert the plain channel nut into the channel and rotate 90° to provide a simple and secure fixing.

Short Spring Channel Nut:

The channel support system requires these Short Spring Channel Nut to function properly. They are put into the channel’s open side, rotated through 90 degrees, and then positioned so that the return flange of the channel is in contact with their toothed grooves. Short Spring channel nuts are made to fit channels that are 21mm deep. Channel nuts are pre-mounted on any bolt before insertion, while those with springs will keep themselves in place.

Long Spring Channel Nut:

These Spring Channel Nuts are a particular kind of fastener used to join two pieces of material. While still allowing for some flexibility and movement, they are made to offer a powerful and stable connection. Long Spring Channel Nuts are frequently constructed of steel and have a spring-loaded construction. This makes it simple to insert and remove them without the use of tools. They are frequently employed in the building and auto sectors as well as in the insertion of electrical wiring and other parts. A dependable and economical technique to guarantee a secure connection between two materials is to use long spring channel nuts.

How to Install Channel Nut

Plain channel nut:  

The system supporting the channel depends on plain channel nuts. They are put into the channel’s open side, rotated through 90 degrees, and then positioned so that the return flange of the channel is in contact with their toothed grooves. While the sprung variants will hold themselves in place, plain channel nuts must be pre-mounted on any bolt before insertion.

Short spring nut:

These nuts are quick and simple to install because they don’t require any tools. Short spring nuts are resistant to vibration and shock since they are made to remain tight. Even when subjected to these two forces. These nuts are appropriate for a wide range of applications because of their high tensile strength. Are available in a range of sizes, offering a large selection of possibilities for various applications.

Long spring nut:

Long spring nuts have been intended for use with a standard 41mm deep channel and hold firmly in place while setting and securing the appropriate fitting. Simply insert the channel nut into the channel and spin 90 degree.

The type of channel nut to use will depend on the particular application, the load requirements, the environmental factors, and the type of strut being utilized. To ensure secure and dependable fastening solutions, the proper kind must be chosen.

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